Golden Eagles 

The Golden Eagles is a sub-group of the Saskatoon Nature Society. We invite retirees and partners who are interested in birds and our natural, cultural and historical heritage to join our field trips. Participants should be members of the Saskatoon Nature Society and should consider membership in Nature Saskatchewan, our provincial affiliate. We generally meet weekly from April to October, and once a month from November to March.

Carpooling for out-of-town trips is usually arranged at the meeting place. Participants are expected to share gasoline costs and should make arrangements with the driver to do so. Unless indicated, there is no other charge. However, if a trip involves a guided tour of a facility, participants may be asked to make a donation to the facility.

Participants can depart early, if they wish. Bring lunch, drinks and chairs, unless otherwise noted. Members with CB or FRS radios should bring them on out-of-town trips. Dress for the weather. Phone the trip leader if you have any questions.

Unless otherwise arranged we meet on Thursdays at Churchill Shopping Centre, Taylor St. & Clarence Ave.


Nature SK Spring Meet

Friday June 12 to Sunday June 14, Avonlea

See home page for details closer to event.

NCC Acreage near Maymont

Thursday, June 18, 7:30 AM

We’ll access 350 acres of private property under a Nature Conservancy of Canada easement. It’s a combination of aspen parklands, wetlands, and valley slopes, with various wildflowers depending on moisture conditions.

Leader: Bob Armstrong (306-343-1269).

Three-flowered Avens by Trent Watts

Goose Lake and area

Thursday, June 25, 8:00 AM

Goose Lake is about 45 minutes west of Saskatoon.

Leader: Bob Girvan, (306) 493-2686.

Canada Geese by May Haga

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