Golden Eagles 

 The Golden Eagles are a sub-group of the Saskatoon Nature Society. Membership is open to retirees and partners interested in the natural world—birds, plants and more—and in its multicultural and historical context. Participants should be members of the Saskatoon Nature Society and should consider membership in Nature Saskatchewan, our provincial affiliate. We generally meet weekly from April to October, and once a month from November to March.

Covid-19 Update

During these pandemic days, we recognize how important it is for us to experience nature to keep our spirits healthy. Anticipating that the gradual re-opening of our communities is likely to continue, we are going ahead with our interrupted Golden Eagles field trips, starting in July, but with a few procedural changes reflecting public health safety precautions. In addition, we expect participants to respect each other’s personal safety decisions. 

      • Our meeting place remains the same unless otherwise noted: Thursdays at Churchill Shopping Centre, Taylor St. & Clarence Ave. Please note the departure times vary with the destination.

      • Bring lunch, chairs and drinks unless otherwise noted. Plans may included lunch at a restaurant, for which we may need to know how many plan to participate.

     • Bring your own hand sanitizer. Use it after any bathroom stops, where facilities are available.

     • Do not carpool except with members of the same household or close associates. Be prepared to contribute to the cost of gas if you are a passenger.

     • If necessary to accommodate a large number of vehicles, we may split the group into two convoys.

     • Stay a safe distance apart during picnic lunches, introductions and explanations, and when discussing sightings. Or wear a mask.

     • Do not share scopes or other equipment.

     • Make maximum use of radio/CB/cell phone communications between cars; be sure your equipment is working properly.

See below for a tentative list of dates and destinations. Some are tentative until we get word that facilities are open, or until we can confirm availability of a guide. For more information about trips, contact Joan Feather (306-653-3160) or email

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