Field Trips

All are welcome to participate in field trips. Invite your friends! Carpooling for out-of-town trips is arranged at the meeting place. There are no fees unless indicated; however, participants are expected to share gasoline costs and should make arrangements with the driver to do so. Phone the trip leader if you have any questions. Participants can return early if they wish. Members with CB or FRS radios should bring them on out-of-town trips. For information on city buses, phone 306-975-3100.

MVA Trail Bird Walk

7:00 AM – 9:30 AM

We plan to walk the Meewasin trail adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan campus and look for birds along the riverbank.
Dress warmly.

If possible, please register for each trip in advance.

Meet at the gravel parking lot north of the Diefenbaker Canada Centre on campus.

May 5: Michael Williams
(Landline: 306-242-5383).
May 12: Hilda Voth
May 19: Hilda Noton
May 26: Audrey and Bill MacKenzie (306-373-2872)

Route described on page 146 of

Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon.

This book is available for purchase by clicking below.

Canada Geese by May Haga

Hyde Park Birding

Monday, May 20
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

We will hike the trails in this city park looking for marsh birds that inhabit this wetland area.

Meet at parking lot on south side of Slimmon Road, east of Boychuk Drive in Saskatoon.

Bus: Route 55 Lakeridge departs U of S terminal at 12:56 pm and arrives on Slimmon Road east of Boychuk about 1:20 pm.

Leader: Alice Hiller
(text: 306-381-7271)

If possible, please register for trip in advance at

Hyde Park is described on page 76 of
A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon.

This book is available at local bookstores and Wild Birds Unlimited. It is also available by mail by clicking below.

Red-winged Blackbird
Nick Saunders

Factoria Riverbank Warbler Walk

Tuesday, May 21
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

A NatureCity Festival Event organized by the
Saskatoon Nature Society.

We will walk the wooded areas of the riverbank in search of migrant warblers and other songbirds.
Try out your citizen science skills by using ebird to record your sightings.
Bring appropriate clothing for the weather including good footwear for walking on slopes and damp trails.

If possible, please register for event by clicking below.

Meet at the east end of Adilman Drive.

Bus: Route 35 Silverwood Heights departs downtown terminal at 6:16 PM and arrives at Adilman Drive and Silverwood Road at 6:45 PM. Walk 3 blocks east to meeting location.

Leaders: Michael Williams
(Landline: 306-242-5383) and
Stan Shadick (text: 306-281-2215).

This natural area is described on page 64 of

A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon.

This book is available at some local wild bird and book stores or available by mail by clicking below.

Female American Redstart
Nick Saunders

Spring Bird Count

Saturday, May 25
Any Time

Registration Deadline: May 23

Citizen Science Volunteers Needed!

This citizen science event is organized by the
Saskatoon Nature Society
during the NatureCity Festival.

Participants are needed to help survey the bird populations in the city and surrounding natural regions during the peak of spring migration. The data provided by these annual bird counts helps detect changes in bird populations.

New participants are welcome and will be assigned to an experienced team leader. Duration of count varies for different teams. You may participate all day or just during any part of the day.

Register in advance by clicking the button below on or before May 23, 2019.

If you have questions, email

Go to 
for more information about this and other Saskatoon Nature Society events.

Data from previous counts was used in the writing of

Birds of the Saskatoon Area.

This book may be purchased online at 

Firefly Night Hike

Friday, May 24
9:30 PM – 11:00 PM

A Saskatoon Nature Society –
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada –
NatureCity Festival Free Event.

Experience Sunset and Nightfall at the swale. We will listen for the calls of any night birds and watch for fireflies (weather permitting).
If it is clear, members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will set up telescopes for you to do some star-gazing after the walk.

Meet at the swale on Lowe Road. Drive north on Central Ave, turn right on Fedoruk Drive (or Agra Road), turn left onto Lowe Road; NE Swale is next to the slough on the east side of road before reaching the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation building.

Lat/Long: 52 10 29 N, 106 34 30 W

Leaders: Marten Stoffel
(text: 306-230-9291) and
Renny Grilz (text: 306-262-4970).

The Northeast Swale natural area is described on page 92 of

A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon

This book is sold at local bird and book stores and may be purchased by mail by clicking below.

Dundurn Pasture Birding

Saturday, June 8
4:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Members-only event.

Saskatoon Nature Society members have been given special permission to access parts of the Dundurn Community Pasture on foot to search for breeding birds in this mixed grassland and woodland habitat.
We may also visit Proctor Lake.

Bring a hat, plenty of water and a lunch.

If the weather is poor,
we may postpone trip to June 9.

This event is a members-only event for current Saskatoon Nature Society members.

Non-members are welcome to register after taking out a 2019 membership
($20 single / $30 family) by clicking the link below.

Meet by the grain elevator at the Western Development Museum parking lot on Lorne Ave.
Car pools will be arranged with participants sharing in gas costs.

After registering, check your email on evening before event in case of weather cancellation or postponement.

Yellow-breasted Chat
by Nick Saunders

Leader: Janine McManus (text: 647-390-6645)

Invasive Plants of the Meewasin Valley Identification Workshop

Wednesdays, June 12 and 19

Wed. June 12 – 7:00 PM to 9:15 PM
Classroom Session at Meewasin Valley Authority Administrative Building (402 3rd Ave North)

Wed. June 19 – 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Outdoor Session at
Gabriel Dumont Park,
745 Saskatchewan Crescent West

Learn about the different invasive species being found along the South Saskatchewan River valley.

At the classroom session you will learn about the definition of weeds, invasive species, and noxious weeds, the Saskatchewan Weed Control Act and how to identify some of the common invasive plants in the Saskatoon Region. Attendees will be provided with fact sheets, booklets and other material about invasive plants.

The outdoor session will be a walk along the Meewasin Trail through Gabriel Dumont Park, identifying various invasive plant species along the trail and river. Discussion in the field will also be on control techniques and how to report an invasive plant species.

Leafy Spurge
by Renny Grilz

Leaders: Renny Grilz (306-262-4970)– Meewasin;
Sara Bryson – Saskatoon Nature Society and
Kerry Lowndes – South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards.

Route described on page 68 of
Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon.

This book is available for purchase by clicking below.



Friday, June 14th

*Refreshments will be available; coffee, tea, meat/cheese/crackers, veggies

6:30pm    Registration at T-Rex Discovery Centre

7:30pm    “Prairie Commons Project” – Presented by Katie Doke Sawatsky, 2018 Nature Saskatchewan Margaret Skeel Graduate Student Scholarship Winner

Saturday, June 15th

*Breakfast provided at 7:00 am at Eastend Memorial Hall

8:00am    Loading busses at Eastend Memorial Hall for departure from Eastend with tour through Frenchman valley toward Ravenscrag for sightseeing/birding followed by a stop for Bluebird banding and a visit to Cypress Lake.

12:00pm    Lunch break in Consul

1:00pm    Tour to Govenlock/Nashlyn/Battlecreek pasture

5:30pm    Cocktails

6:30pm    Banquet

7:30pm    “Protected Places Program, Nature Fund, Future Management of Govenlock/Nashlyn/Battle Creek Pastures” – presented by Canadian Wildlife Service.

Sunday, June 16th

*Breakfast on your own

9:00am    Annual General Meeting at Eastend town hall

by Nick Saunders


Restoring 71 Bird and Plant Hike

Tuesday, June 18, 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM

Members only field trip.

The Restoring 71 Project is a habitat conservation initiative operated by Aaron and Katie Suek on their acreage near Grandora SK. Over 3.5 km of mowed trails provide access to a variety of habitat patches including wetland, mature woodland, shrubs, and open grassland. This oasis is home to 87 wildlife species and 33 native plant species. Wildlife species include loggerhead shrike, common nighthawk, Canadian toad, tiger salamander and a handful of other species of conservation concern.

Bring a hat, water and suitable clothing and footwear for the weather.

This event is a members-only event for current Saskatoon Nature Society members.

Non-members are welcome to register after taking out a 2019 membership 
($20 single / $30 family) by clicking the link below.

Meet at NW corner of the intersection of 22nd St W at Witney Avenue.
Carpools will be arranged from that location.

Directions to property will be emailed to registered participants.

Bus: Route 60 Confederation departs University terminal at 6:05 pm, City Centre at 6:15 pm and arrives near meeting point at about 6:30 pm.

Renny Grilz (306-262-4970).

Loggerhead Shrike
by May Haga

May Haga Memorial Bird Walk

Donna Birkmaier Park

Wednesday, June 26

7:15 PM – 8:30 PM

We will walk the trails in this park that were some of May Haga’s favourite areas to explore for birds.

Meet at the main parking lot on the north side of Taylor Street at Slimmon Road.

Bus: Route 8/86 Rosewood departs Centre mall terminal at 6:55 pm and arrives at Taylor and Slimmon Road about 7:05 PM.

Leader: Robert Johanson

The trails in this park are described on page 60 of
“A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon”.

This book may be ordered by clicking the following button.

Horned Grebe
by May Haga

Wild Orchids field trip

Monday, July 1
9:15 AM – 2:00 PM

Members only field trip.

We will drive to the Nisbet forest (north of Duck Lake) and look for lady-slippers and other wild orchids.

Bring lunch, mosquito repellent and rubber boots.

Meet at south-west corner of the Lawson Heights’ Mall parking lot

Bus: Route 30 Lawson Heights departs downtown terminal at 8:46 AM and arrives at Lawson terminal at 9:05 AM. Walk to SW corner of parking lot.

Leader: Bob Godwin

Non-members are welcome to join this field trip after purchasing a 2019 membership in the
Saskatoon Nature Society
($20 Single / $30 Family)

Yellow Ladyslipper
by Renny Grilz

North American Butterfly Count

Saturday, July 6, 8:45 AM – ?

Help us survey the variety of butterflies found in the Saskatoon area.

Event starts at 8:45 am.

You may leave whenever you wish.

Bring water and wear suitable clothing for the weather.

Download checklist from website.

If raining, count will be postponed to July 7.

Please register in advance to be advised of any changes by email.

Meet in Centre Mall parking lot south of Burger King BETWEEN Acadia and Moss on south side of 8th St. We will try to arrange car pools sharing gas cost.

Bus: Route 8/84 (8th St) departs downtown at 8:16 AM and arrives at mall about 8:35 AM. Route 50 departs U of S at 8:25 AM and arrives on 8th next to mall about 8:35 AM. Walk to meeting location.

Leader: Juhachi Asai

Great Spangled Fritillerary
by Juhachi Asai

Golden Eagles

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