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October Program
7:30 PM Thursday, October 21, 2021
Online presentation by Kate Stone

The Eagle has landed:
Eagle research and conservation in the Intermountain

Eagles have long held the public’s attention with their beauty, tenacity, and visibility. As research advances, we are beginning to better understand how eagles link distant locations, including landscapes in Montana and Saskatchewan. Researchers in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana began capturing overwintering eagles in 2011, with the primary goal of using satellite transmitters to learn about habitat use and migration paths of adult Golden Eagles. This project evolved to also encompass auxiliary marking (e.g., wing tags, colored leg bands) of both eagle species. With over 150 captures, what have we learned? How have we used passive techniques- namely game cameras- to increase our likelihood of “encountering” marked eagles? How have our findings sparked side projects with hunters to reduce the amount of lead on the landscape?

In this talk, we’ll share stories of how we study and observe eagle populations, some of the eagles and other wildlife “captured” on camera, the people who welcomed biologists and deer carcasses onto their private land, and how we’re working to leverage the data collected for positive conservation outcomes. We’ll also discuss basic eagle identification, ecology, and conservation status. And finally, we’ll discuss how YOU can get involved with eagle and other scavenger research.

Kate Stone is an ecologist at the MPG Ranch in western Montana, and a board member of Bitterroot Audubon and the Ravalli County Open Lands Board. Kate’s professional and personal goals focus on collaborative research projects aimed at linking scientific information with community engagement.

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