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September Program
Online presentation by Ernesto Carman, Costa Rica

7:30 PM Thursday, September 15, 2022

Tracking Migratory Birds:
Where Do They Really Fly?

Ernest Carman is a field trained naturalist who is considered one of Costa Rica’s most outstanding naturalists and bird guides. Born and raised on a small organic, shade-grown coffee farm in central Costa Rica, and inspired by his parent’s respect for nature, conservation has been an innate part of Ernesto’s life. Apart from working on his family’s farm he has been leading birding and natural history tours throughout Central and South America for part of each year since 2003. Although his focus is birds, his interest in nature as a whole enables him to impart a more complex view of environmental systems. Ernesto also dedicates part of his time to several research and conservation projects involving study species such as the Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, the endemic Cabanis´s Ground-Sparrow and the Cerulean Warbler. He is co-author on several published research papers about birds.

More recently Ernesto has become the Central American coordinator for the MOTUS Wildlife Tracking System for Central America. MOTUS uses radio telemetry to track the movement and behaviour of small flying animals such as birds. Its network operates in countries throughout the world including Canada.
Ernesto will share some of his research discoveries with us in his presentation.

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