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January Program
7:30 PM Thursday, January 20, 2022
Online presentation by Iain Phillips

Invertebrate diversity, distribution and ecology:
an often overlooked and understudied frontier
in Saskatchewan

Curiosity about, and enthusiasm for Saskatchewan’s insects has been an easy career route for Iain Phillips, as growing up in the Cumberland Delta and Qu’Appelle Valley around Lumsden surrounded him with opportunity to explore and observe some of the rich diversity this province has. He left Lumsden to go to school at universities around the world, but has always returned to bring his experience back to the ecosystems we have in the province that are far too little understood. Since 2006, Iain has worked for the Water Security Agency (formerly the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority), and has grown his position there to include an adjunct professorship at the University of Saskatchewan, positions with the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan, and as Director of the Troutreach Program NGO with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. Iain currently lives in Saskatoon, and when he is back in town after further collections of insect life around the province he is busy raising two larval humans of his own these days.

Iain will be providing a talk on how invertebrates can be used as indicators of human disturbance in Saskatchewan’s ecosystems, insights we have on how their populations have changed with development, and optimism for the resilience of invertebrate diversity.

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