We invite experienced birders who are healthy and not in quarantine to participate in the May Bird Count on Saturday, May 29. In order to follow COVID safe self-isolation steps, we plan to assign different birding sectors (or sub-sectors) to each individual or family so that they can participate on their own without any in-person contact with other participants. Birding Teams and car sharing outside family groups are not consistent with current public health recommendations.

If you wish to participate, please email trips@saskatoonnature.org and indicate your full name(s); phone number and email address. Please also indicate what hours you plan to participate, your preference (if any) for a rural or urban sector and whether you will have access to a car or wish to participate on foot near your residence.

John Patterson will be compiling the count. If you have questions, please phone Stan Shadick at 306-652-5975.

Brown Thrasher by Trent Watts