Watch birds in your yard or join a team surveying winter bird populations in the Warman, Osler, Martensville and Northeast Swale regions.

You are invited to participate in the annual Clark’s Crossing – Warman – Osler – Martensville Christmas Bird Count. At this time every winter, birders across the world spend a day counting the wild birds in their neighbourhood. The results of these annual surveys help establish trends in bird populations. Such data are valuable for bird conservation initiatives. Results from this count will be printed in the Blue Jay magazine published by Nature Saskatchewan (, an organization of people interested in observing and protecting nature in Saskatchewan.

Option 1: Feeder watchers. If you live within the circle shown in the image, you may keep a list of birds seen on December 14, 2019 in your yard. Only list birds you can identify. After registering, you will be given instructions for submitting your observations.

Option 2: Bird Count Team Participants. You may join a team of other birdwatchers who will survey a district within the count circle. Novice birders are welcome. Each team will be led by an experienced birder.

To register for this event, please click the link below to go to our Eventbrite page and then click Register on that page.

Please answer all questions on the ticket registration form. We need this information to contact you with forms and any other information.

This count is organized by members of the Saskatoon Nature Society. Check out for information about their birding trips and speakers at their meetings. This count is organized by Janine McManus and the results will be compiled by John Patterson.

If you have questions about this count, text or phone Janine at 647-390-6645.

Snowy Owl
by Nick Saunders
Bird Count Survey Area